On this page we honour those that have gone before and have made the club what it is today. Also current members who deserve a special mention.

Name: Anna Williams
Time in club: 2003-2009
Accolades: President 2008-2009
Rock of the Club for many years!!

Name: Matt Fell
Time in club: 2005-2011
Accolades: Living Legend/True Gentleman
Will be sorely missed

Name: Sonya Gill
Time in club: 2003-2009
Accolades: Too may to count
Most famous for being the epicentre of a certain spider diagram!

Name: Oli Ferguson
Time in club: 2005-2011
Accolades: Organised the very special tour to exeter 2009!
What a hero

Name: Kym Royle
Time in Club: 2008-2011
Accolades: VP 2009-2010
Was the unsung hero of the club for 3 awesome years!

Name: Alex "Chuddsy" Budds
Time in club: 2006-present day
Accolades: President 2010-2011
Why did you put your life in a sock!

Name : Sarah Lindsey Jones
Time in club: 2007-present day
Accolades: President 2009-2010
Stop getting injured!

Name : John Farrant
Time in club: 2008-present day
Accolades: President 2011-12
The mastermind behind NAMSchester 2012..... the best NAMS of all time

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